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Strategic Planning

The most important role owners and directors have is to create and deliver a clear strategic direction for your business. Our strategic planning tools provide clarity of purpose and direction with a bespoke action plan to make it happen, answering the most important strategic questions:-

Where do you want to go with your business?

How are you going to do it?

Who is going to do what, when and where and to achieve what?

Benefits of Strategic Planning

Directors who strategically plan their future with practical workable strategies create a forward vision of their business with a plan to make it happen. Strategic planning provides the framework which delivers a clear vision for a business with a plan to deliver results, focusing on future growth and can take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Businesses which don’t plan are often seen as Myopic: loosing sight of their customers, focusing on costs and running out of direction and customers.

People choose to work with Cowden Consulting on strategy because of our experience and expertise in creating successful and sustainable businesses. Cowden provides a wide range of strategic planning tools, from review and revision of strategy through to brand new strategy creation. We provide a complete range of strategic planning services working with directors and owners on bespoke programmes to develop successful strategies for business.

Our most popular strategic planning tools are our bespoke strategic planning workshop (SPW) formats or facilitator format Strategic MOST Planning programmes working with directors and senior management to create their plan for success.

Strategic Planning Workshops (SPW)

Strategic Planning Workshops provide business owners with Focus - Direction - Profitability - empowering you to success.

By establish Where you are - What are your goals - Where are you going - How you are going to get there and Who is going to do what When – strategic planning provides a proven process in establishing clear strategic direction delivering your plan to success.

Designed around a 16 module programme we build the right bespoke strategic plan for your business using our proven SPW programme, built totally around your business goals and objectives.

From creating a new start-up business, to launching a new product or service for an existing business or re-developing an established business: a SPW will make it happen quicker and more effectively. After we have worked with our clients they have the confidence to drive their business forward with their plan to succeed with experienced support to help get them there.

"Success is the ability to live your life the way you want to live it, doing what you most enjoy, surrounded by people you admire and respect, you can learn to develop 'success habits"

Strategic MOST Planning

MOST planning provides an excellent process to determine direction by reviewing and revising existing strategies to determine the best fit options for established businesses. This detailed process provides clear direction with planned outcomes, providing clarity of purpose with your plan to make it happen. Creating the right strategy delivered through a clear chain activities.

Mission orientated > Objective led > Strategy focused > Tactically delivered

Building belief in your company, confidence in ability and yourself and your team to determine your future.

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