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Strategic Marketing

Strategically focused marketing orientates the business and all its activities towards its intended customers. Adding value in every process is all about understanding target customer groups and expectations, anticipating their needs and meeting and exceeding them. Cowden Consulting provides the expertise to add value every step of the way to make companies customer focused and fully engaged with its customers. We do this by strategic positioning of the brand supporting the integration of a companies tangible marketing materials including brochures, websites, social media with its intangibles, feel, look, customer experience. 

Our strategic marketing creates a business with an integrated integral marketing strategy which can create and drive a market. Any business is only as good as the customers it has and will only ever be as good as the customer value it provides.

Building a successful practical and deliverable strategic marketing plan is essential for sustainable long-term profitable growth. Like to know more then contact us, click here

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Strategic Marketing Positioning

We transform corporate objectives into a competitive strategic market position, providing a clear sustainable positioning for the business within its chosen market(s).

We deliver a customer focused marketing proposition which customers want to buy from, based upon the chosen position, adding value every step of the way in the customers decision making process.

We orientate the business to exploit their full potential of their products and services, developing the right messages supported by processes and behaviours to add the value the customer demands.

Strategic Marketing Deliverables

By developing the right marketing mix formula to win and keep the customers your business wants, Cowden delivers the right marketing mix deliverables to both B2B and B2C customers. Changing processes and people’s approach towards customers is central to becoming customer focused and the marketing tangibles must support the real business values your business provides.

We develop the right marketing mix tangibles to support those channels to market, including events, brochures, websites, online channels and content to engage and convert customers, as well as keeping and developing customers as advocates for your business.

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Did you know: 75% of consumers buying decisions are based on emotions.



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